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3D Renderings

01. Intro

3D rendering is the process of producing images on the basis of 3-dimensional data. The last one is most often a complete scene created by designers by means of modelling and animating. These processes are followed by the rendering process that depicts a 3D scene as an image and as a result, a customer gets a picture of the highest quality that can be both realistic and nonrealistic.

The rendering process starts with the creation of a 3D model consisting of multiple geometric shapes connected between each other in 3D space. Known as polygons these shapes constitute a model that is an ordinary wire-frame object. The next step is to provide these shapes with a real form and then give every model some aesthetic features and make it true to life. It requires from designers to know different 3d rendering software at the professional level to get the most out of the existing technology.

It can be surprising but every person sees architectural rendering examples on a daily basis. Advertising, magazine and book covers, videos are only some of the bright visualization examples. The most popular sphere where you can see 3D renderings is a movie industry. In most cases, this is animated entertainment or creation of the futuristic or science fiction scenes. But today, it has also spread to other spheres one of which is architecture and design. It is very important to show an investor or client who  these services what he will get as a consequence of his huge spending. However, it is also a nice approach to analyze all the characteristics of the future project to avoid pitfalls during the construction process. Another direction where 3D rendering plays a significant role is interior design. Modern architects and designers allow their clients to appear in the absolutely new room before the renovation process begins and realize if it meets their expectations and requirements. No wonder room rendering has become incredibly popular recently.

The main benefit of 3D renderings is a possibility to show not to tell. It is a much more convincing and eloquent way to represent the upcoming projects and allow the client to look behind the scenes before the performance begins.

The demand for quality 3D rendering services is constantly growing. It happens next to the increasing number of tools, software, technological devices appearing and soon it will become an indispensable part of many industries.

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